Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Containing the Crazy

So we were talking about TV shows today at work and I had to fight to hold back my crazy. 

They talked about Fringe for a while – which I’ve never seen and am now borrowing from a colleague – and then the discussion turned to Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. 

Now we were in my sort of territory, but the talk didn’t last very long there. 

Then, for some reason, they went on to talk about The X Files. Now, my brain is just going SUPERNATURAL SUPERNATURAL SUPERNATURAL, but my face is betraying nothing. 

I think I left it an acceptable amount of time before I mentioned Supernatural, and when they said they didn’t watch it, I said ‘It’s my favourite’ with a very tight lipped moderately sane smile. 

I successfully held back – at one point I was about to turn the word faucet on as well as whip out my tattoo, but I managed to say it with grace and that was that. Discussion over. 

Oh, I could have talked for hours, days even, on the subject of Supernatural. I could even design a course on it and you’d know everything about Supernatural by the end. But sadly it is not acceptable in real life, so I have to continue my course on report writing and pretend not to be madly in love with a TV show.


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