Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Supernatural S9, Ep15 - #Thinman Review

Before I get into the nitty gritty review of the episode, let me just take this opportunity to say how much I have missed the Ghostfacers. Having them guest star in this episode just brought back memories of how sweet and legendary the first seasons were. (Not saying that the later seasons aren't good, just that there's something solid and pure about the nostalgia of baby faced Sam and Dean and their less complicated antics).

Now, I'm intrigued about the name of this episode: #Thinman, mostly because I'm deliberating how to use it on twitter. Do we drop the hashtag if we hashtag the name? Do we use ##Thinman, as in hashtag hashtag? - Either or, that's not the most important part of the episode, I know.

This episode starts off how any classic Supernatural begins: with a happy innocent, most likely about to be murdered by a monster which sets up the scene nicely for Sam and Dean to pick up where it left off.

When the Winchesters do enter the scene however, we are greeted with more coldness between them in the bunker, and this broken bond is referenced throughout the episode. I understand Sam's anger, because being lied to sucks. But I understand why Dean did what he did, because what's more important than family? Especially with the Winchesters. And I would have thought that by now, after everything they've been through together, Sam would see the light and realise he actually would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed (I'm still holding out for an episode where something happens to Dean because of the Mark of Cain and Sam does everything in his power to save him, therefore negating his earlier words).

Anyway, back to the episode. All these years and the Ghostfacers haven't changed. They're still brilliantly sarcastic and so funny to watch, especially after threats from the Winchesters. That diner scene was one of the many golden scenes of the ep, and Harry especially has given us many more one-liners to quote (a personal favourite: 'you crashed the jenga tower of our lives'.) The fact that Jared Padalecki himself said that some of these scenes were improvised makes it that much sweeter.

Probably my favourite scene of the episode was when Sam and Dean were reminiscing about their Batman and Superman times as kids, and once again we learned about another time where Dean made sure Sam was taken care of, without hesitation. To me, this is the core of the show. It's why I fell in love with the show, and it's why I adore the Winchesters and will discuss, in depth, why they are my favourite brothers in the world.

The main premise of this episode was 'Thinman', and it was initially thought he was a ghost. That was quickly eliminated by the Ghostafcers themselves, and eventually we found out Ed was the one who created Thinman in a bid to keep the Harry and Ed duo alive.

The threat, in the end, was only a couple of psycho humans. It's easy to say 'oh yeah, Sam and Dean killed the monster', but when it comes to being a human threat, it's that much more complicated. It did disturb me a little just how easily Dean pushed that knife into the bus boy, as in the past both the brothers would have deliberated over killing just a normal guy. But then I guess they've done it before, and the threat was successfully eliminated. And I guess Dean doesn't care that much now that the only person he loves more than anything wants to keep things strictly business - the resignation on his face when he was about to die was proof enough.

Saying that though, I was glad to see Sam's horror when he thought Dean would be killed. You cannot deny it, Sam, you would not be able to live without him either.

Before this review becomes unnecessarily long, let's get to the main point of the episode: the whole Ed and Harry relationship, and the lies, and the 'you and me together' thing, was a huge parallel to Sam and Dean's relationship. The amount of times lies and forgiveness were mentioned, I was expecting to see a brotherly moment where the Winchesters would at least sort out their problems partially. Alas, we must wait. I am convinced it is coming however, as I can feel it building up. Let's just hope that the circumstances that eventually help them fix their bond aren't too serious.

(Another two week wait for the next episode coming up. Seriously, how many hellatuses do we have to suffer???)


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